Importance of Propane Tank Inspections

It’s important for customers to have their propane tank inspected annually, especially underground tanks. For tanks that are leased we will keep a close eye on them when we deliver propane, but especially for customer owned tanks it’s an important safety procedure to do on an annual basis. For this reason federal and state regulations now require that tank owners have their propane tanks inspected and re-qualified periodically by a certified propane professional.

Why Are Annual Propane Tank Inspections Important?

  • Checking for leaks
  • Checking for corrosion and electric conductivity on your tank surface, regulator, valves and all fittings. If tank corrosion goes unchecked, the tank will eventually fail, causing safety concerns.
  • Checking for dents and gouges that may compromise the structural integrity of the tank
  • Pressure checks
  • Replace the relief valve – This value is set to release any excess pressure in the tank. It is equipped with a protective cap to keep the valve clean from water and debris.
  • Regulator replacement

It’s important to be proactive about tank checks, and to keep up to date with safety concerns so that you don’t experience harmful and costly issues.

Here are additional safety tips – click here.

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